Product Management Projects

The ERequest Demo is for Requesting Medical records online. This demo is presented to different hospitals to demonstrate how a user can Request medical Records online from the hospital's site even though the application would be hosted by Healthport. So to give the application a Hospital specific UI this demo is made dynamic where all the pages are same but depending on which hospital was selected the UI is picked accordingly. The appropriate attribute values like colors, images, hospital name, pdf files and other graphic files etc will be picked up.

When a New hospital is added, there are scripts in the application where I can add a few attribute values and a new stylsheet is generated along with the new colors and images.

In addition to this there is the Admin piece. The purpose of which is for the client to add/edit things themselves. One piece that i made working in this demo was the colors to the site. The client can go to the UI section and change colors and the ERequest demo will update the colors on the fly. Also the Admin piece has some scripts to add as many site #s as possible etc.

ALso this demo was done passowrd protected with ASP scripting. For demo pupose the password protection has been removed.

Once U click on any facility , on the home page click On the link that says 'Request medical Records online'. This will get U inside the demo.